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Italics and Bold words can be made in comments by using simple HTML formatting code.
The following explanation has been sourced from this site.

Start the code enclosed in angle brackets < >
The code for italics is i
The code for bold is b
So for italics you place before the chosen text i within < >
End the code enclosed within </ >
So after the chosen text place the i within </ >

Live links - The code for a live link or active link is a
Step one  To start the link place the a within < > and end with the a within </ >
Step two is to enclose the text you want to appear as a link between the start and end
Step three is to include the address that you want to link to in the opening < > tag after the a. This is done by including href="" in the tag. Then place the address between the two "" characters. (The address is the thing that starts with http://.


  1. Dale, why the change to the way the site now opens, at least for me?? No offence intended to Bro' John's new 'Supermodel' post, but:
    a) It gives me no opportunity to comment, or
    b) To access 'Top Comments' (as in latest comments), i nthe RHS column. I got here by opening Help.
    Can we revert, or is this a Change in progress??
    Cheers al

  2. Hi Al, maybe just a glitch at your end? If so, hope its temporary. Still works the same for me. Cheers,John.

  3. I have the same result as Al & I wasn't fiddling with the controls as I was away all day yesterday.
    I have posted a new discussion this morning & it works as per normal but John M's supermodel discussion still has all what should be in the right hand column thrown in under the discussion.

    1. Ahhh ....... gthis is crap. The only way I can get to "Top (latest) Comments," is stoill via Help, and how many will do that? Some will just drift away if it's all too hard. And Grrrr ....... I just lost a post here, trying to Publish.

      If it is softwareware related, this new laptop has the very latest updated Win 7 as its O/S, BUT I had no problems, until John's new Discussion was posted. I could at least comment on your new one Dale, but still all the RHS column stuff was missing. As a suggestion to consider, could John's new discussion be transferred to a suitable exisyting discussion, to see if that works?
      Cheers and good luck. al.

    2. Dale, do you think some malevolent / mischievous outsider may have been fiddling with this site? I now find that:
      1) Clicking on any of the top bar headers, not just Help, restores all the usual features for me.
      2) When I look at John's Dr Jeremejenko post, not only don't I have the opportunity to comment, I can't read the scan, and even if I increase page magnification to say 150 / 200, it becomes too fuzzy, anyway. And, there is nothing underneath the posted scan.
      3) But, if under options I select Open in Google Reader (soon to be discontinued), while Top Comments etc are nowhere in sight,
      a) I now have the opportunity to comment, and
      b) I can read the whole of John's very useful translation of the unreadable scan!

      Something weird going on here.
      Cheers al

    3. definitley very weird aliens here - I agree with al.

    4. Hi Eb
      Should we ask Dale to call in Shaun Micallef and his Wacky team??
      Cheers al

  4. al,

    I have no trouble accessing all of the things that you seem to be having trouble with.
    I have a mac on 10.7.5 and iCloud. The only problem that I have is when the thing shows it's superiority and corrects words that I write. What I am writing is not always what it thinks it should be but unless you acknowledge the meaning of some words, it will write what it thinks the word should be.
    Bloody computers seem to be getting too smart for their boots and we have to watch that they do not take over.
    Maybe the comment from Ebony is right and there are weird Aliens that live in our computers.

  5. Everyone, it should be back to normal again. So please read & make comment.

    Mikko, I'll try & get your newspaper scan back in later on. By going to HTML format you could see that somehow some code for the side column got into your discussion.

  6. No I don't know what you lot are on about. It has all looked normal for me, but like Peter I have a Mighty Mac (well a little Mac) but it doesn't seem to see any of these problems!

  7. Dale, while this Help column is temporarily 'featuring' again, have you as yet found any way that images saved on a computer can be added to a reply post? I have been looking for some time, but all I can find is how to add images which have a web URL.

    I know that if someone is launching a new Discussion (as John did with 'Supermodels'), saved images can be added. But for Replies, the only images which can be added are from the internet. So if anyone has images saved via the Cloud in some online service, and they can identify the jpeg, GIF or whatever, they should be able to post it in a reply. But I want to be able to do that from saved images on my computer, or an external drive, as for example is easily done in Ning. Any clues??
    Cheers al

  8. All the options are there for the initial discussion but when it comes to making a reply via the Blogger comment box it is very limited and unsatisfactory. Even by using HTML codes I have only identified the ability to make an active link, bold & italics. There are HTML codes for many other actions including adding a photo but the Blogger comment box restricts that.

    But even if we could add a photo by HTML that is not as satisfactory as a simple photo icon to click & then the Browse function to come up so to download the photo off your files on your computer.

    I have found three alternative comment box options that we can replace this current one with. But in trying to find out more typical of the internet there is also someone raving on about the grave dangers if downloading one of these external options into the Blogger site. So to be sure we may have to talk to someone with expertise.

  9. I just sucked in a deep breath and downloaded Microsoft's recommended browser upgrade for the Win 7 SP1, 64 bit operating system, from Internet Explorer 9 to IE 10. Remembering of course to create a Restore Point first! :-)

    It downloaded (60 odd MB) very quickly and without fuss, and thus far doesn't look much different. But the word from MS (naturally enough) and other independent reviewers I searched online, is that it is much faster and smoother, with significantly enhanced protections. So, here's hoping!
    Cheers al

    1. Al, if you think that will waterproof your keyboard and keep tonic off the electrics then best you reconsider that download.


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