Mission Statement

  1. We welcome all, subject to the Terms of Use, regardless of their location or employment. Insofar as the Moderators are legally able our door will be open to all members. We will endeavour to be fair and reasonable regarding moderation and site management. We will welcome and consider comments and suggestions from members.
  2. We are a community of commentators, observers, doers, and campaigners. We will promote awareness and encourage appropriate action. This will be focussed on (but not limited to) monitoring issues within regional Australia, agriculture, property rights, bureaucratic regulation, and corporate conduct.
  3. We will, to the best of our ability, work collaboratively and strive for synergism with other individuals and groups who share our goals and objectives. Without fear or favour we will praise or disapprove others when warranted.
  4. We acknowledge the social element of our community. It is a community where we will uphold the best of our Australian culture: mateship and the fair go. For some, it is an important source of social contact, which we shall encourage. The site will be structured for the multiple functions of social networking, entertainment and serious discussion.
  5. We will act with integrity, transparency and fiscal accountability. We are a non-profit volunteer organisation, and any funds beyond what is prudent to keep in reserve will be used to support worthy causes

1 comment:

  1. How refreshing to have a site with some basic democratic rules. Quite a contrast to another recently vacated where Rafferty Rules.


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