Property Rights Australia (PRA) was formed to protect a range of property rights including rural property rights. PRA is committed to balanced development in both economic and environmental terms. We want to ensure natural resource management decisions are based on sound science and responsible economic management. PRA is a not for profit organization and not affiliated with any political party


Links to articles on this blog about property rights

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March 13 2013: Are they awake?
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March 26 2013: Betrayal of Trust - Part 2
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April 27 2013: An exchange of values
May    6 2013: PRA: Qld reforms to Vegetation management act
May  10 2013: IPA: Let farmers do what they do best
May  11 2013: The Great Barrier Reef: Have we Really Lost Half of It? [Part 1: Water Quality]
May  23 2013: Rural fire service – Malone review
May  30 2013: Wyoming: Aftermath of a Drilling Boom
May  31 2013: PRA: 2013 Conference
June    2 2013: PRA: Bushland at risk – part 1
June    3 2013: PRA: Bushland at risk – part 2
June    7 2013: Family farmers fight back
June  16 2013: Farming Advocacy (or Agvocacy) 101
June  18 2013: Living and Working in a Gasfield
July    1 2013: Need for carbon caution confirmed






  1. <@href="">Here is example of accusation against farmers that is leading to new legislation involving loss of property rights.

    I am at a loss to understand why farmers are not responding to defend their rights against the now increasing tirade of accusations against farmers and agriculture.

  2. P.S.
    So much for my hyperlink java whatever.
    The link is here. Please copy and paste:


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