Saturday, 19 January 2013

Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born

I wonder how many have seen this Special Report at the link below?

The AGW scam apparently began at the 1975 'Endangered Atmosphere' Conference in North Carolina.

I think it is something about which people should be aware.

The report was published in the Fall 2007 edition of the 21st Century Science & Technology magazine.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead
 stressed throughout her presentation the need for consensus, an end-product free from any troubling "internal scientific controversies" that might "blur the need for action."

 She believed in population control.


  1. Hi Bev. This very interesting post of yours seems to have slipped under the radar. While no doubt there has been heaps written and spoken about the start of the issue of 'Anthropogenic Global Warming', this gives a somewhat different perspective, focusing as it does on Eugenics and Gaia concepts, and the hugely influential Conference set up by margaret mead and like-minded associates, in 1975.

    Personally, I find 'the drift' of some of it to be somewhat extreme, but I wouldn't argue with its main purpose. (By 'extreme', I mean that personally I strongly feel that man, through 'out of control' population growth, clear felling of forests, polluting of waterways and construction of huge, sprawling urban heat sinks, IS influencing weather, and 'micro climates'. But that doesn't make me an Anthropogenic Climate Change believer in the Australian Climate Industry's attempts to identify anthropogenic CO2 as a significant driver of long term climate change. I am certainly a 'sceptic' on that issue, and the taxing and money churn reasons behind it).

    I hope others read your link, think about it and comment.
    Cheers al

  2. However it all started, Arrhenius C19, Maggie Thatcher, Margaret Mead and lefty US 'scientists'in the 1970s ...., today won't have given them any joy, with Tony A's unequivocal pledge that he will go to a double dissolution to get rid of our "World Leading" Carbon Tax, after he is elected.

    Given that Oz is currently the flavour of the month in some strange areas (Leigh Sales anchoring the Hilary Clinton show, our actors making Hollywood their own etc), who knows? perhaps even some of the Euros might start to rethink their enthusiasm for unilaterally taxing CO2 to the joy of the Brazilians, Chinese, Canadians, Japanese, Indians, SE Asians at large, etc etc.
    Cheers al

  3. Even if the Libs reverse the tax on carbon dioxide, they still have indicated that they are for Kyoto 2 AND have a $3.2 billion plan to "mitigate" carbon dioxide emissions.

  4. Hi Geoff, obviously they want to get elected :0) They would be tarred and feathered by the MSM if they reverted to Tony Abbot's old line, "Climate change is crap". BTW the recent extreme weather events, contrasting floods and droughts have helped the warmists' case in the eyes of many. A lady I know well said the other day, "I now believe in climate change"
    "So do I.. it's only the cause that is debatable." I replied.

  5. "So do I.. it's only the cause that is debatable."

    Spot on there, Mikko.

    Here is James Taylor's take on "climate Disruption": Obama's Flimsy Case

  6. Oh dear....need more work on the html...

  7. Geoff, many of us agree that climate changes, that there are many causes and many cycles affecting same, some ranging from 10s of years, to ....... well, lots and lots of years ;-) Maybe we are now in a short / medium term cooling trend rather than a warming trend, I'm not convinced either way and I'm not going to argue.

    But then there's "the weather", and the man / woman in the street gets terribly confused between weather, and climate. Who can blame them? It is very confusing and people will invariably be influenced by what they believe they are experiencing. Without doubt, people in Bundaberg and upstream have just experienced the biggest Burnett flood in our (brief) recordrd history, which dates back 150 years. We can possibly take that somewhat further, as it seems that the river may have scoured out some new 'shortcuts' in the alluvial flood plain. (Word of mouth, may not be accurate).

    So whenever the person in the street witnesses the worst bushfires for many years, interspersed with floods, droughts or so-called superstorms as on the US NE Coast, it is 100% predictable that many will say the if the weather isn't changing, we sure seem to be going though a period of 'more than usual' instability. It's only a short step - perhaps no step at all - from there to extend it to 'we are going through a period of climate instability'.

    Sometimes I think that we anthropogenic CO2 - driven climate change sceptics worry too much about realities like that. John is right. While hard - core sceptics might cheer loudly, if the Opposition took a hard, sceptical line on climate change at present, they would be dead in the water. And what would that achieve? Taking a cautious approach from those who would be in government makes a lot of sense, to me. And if in 10 years (don't worry, it won't happen ;-) the entire world agreed to "tax carbon" at some uniform rate, introduced in unison, no exceptions, the net effect on our economy (as well as climate change) would be zilch. But at least we wouldn't be delivering fatal self - inflicted wounds, and hopefully the collected monies could be channelled into straight understanding research, and adaptation.
    Well, that's my opinion. But I well remember that Andris, The Angry Ant in another place a couple of years back, classified me as a 'moderate', alongside the likes of Dr Roy Spencer. Guess I can live with that hugely undeserved ranking.
    Cheers al

    1. Saw Al Gore on TV yesterday peddling his BS and berating us for causing the disastrous floods that we have been experiencing. Of course there is climate change. Always has been and always will be.
      Anybody looking at the scenes from Gore's movie "The Inconvenient Truth" where the ice is shown melting in huge quantities should also get a copy of the science fiction movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and compare the ice melting scenes in that.

      The Ice melting scenes from the "Inconvenient Truth" were lifted straight out of the computer generated fictional, exaggerated scenes from the "Day After Tomorrow"
      How could anybody really trust someone who uses computer generated scenes in what is supposed to be a factual movie and tries to pass them off as fact.
      Several interesting things caught my eye in recent times.

      One was where the promoters of the global warming (who claim the current mankind is causing all of the problems) were recently complaining that as the permafrost in the northern hemisphere is melting, the rotting vegetation underneath is decaying and releasing huge amounts of methane gas. Well Hellooo!!! where did the forests and vegetation that is now being exposed come from if it was not from a previous warm period of considerable length on the earth. did the cavemen discovering fire in that period cause the "climate change" then and does this not suggest that we may be moving into another "cycle" of warming as has happened, nobody knows how many times before.?

      There is irrefutable evidence that Greenland (currently undergoing warming) has frozen and thawed several times and each time they were able to grow crops only able to be grown in warmer areas. Does this not also suggest that there has been a succession of warm periods?.

      I think that it is stooping pretty low to try and scare people going through some of the biggest trauma of their lives into believing that they have brought this on themselves and caused the adverse weather conditions that has devastated so much of their lives. Trying to create a guilt trip for these people is a despicable act and virtually suggesting that they brought it all on themselves.

      Go back through history and there has been many periods similar to what is happening now, some bigger and some smaller.
      We have only been here for a couple of hundred years and do not know how often or how big these natural cycles have happened in the past.
      The only thing that we can be sure of is that the cycles will continue to alternate between hot and cold and there is nothing that we can do to change that.

  8. Here, here! But unfortunately, many people will be susceptible to the hype.


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