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Hordes of people are getting disillusioned with the bias on the ABC - so much so that a Facebook page has been started entitled 'Get our ABC Back'

^^^^^^^  Link to the site.

As long as you have your own page locked down so that only yourself (or your friends if you wish) can see your page, it is rather safe as far as I know.  If really concerned, only register and make it so that you are the only one who can see anything other than your name.

I have learnt that it is a very efficient way to get messages to people or organisations.   Through a group which is a closed group, to which I belong, we were asked to go to the Galileo page to "like it" and invite friends as well to draw their attention to the Galileo Movement - when I went to the GM page on Tuesday evening, there were three hundred odd 'likes' and yesterday when I looked, there were over six thousand people who had been made aware of it.   

Anyway back to the ABC bias. 

John Leal was responsible for this being placed on the Get our ABC Back page and furthermore  onto Facebook.

These fires are not new - however, some were lit by fire bugs this time also (Adam Bandt should take note).

The ABC has seized on the NSW bushfires to push its global warming alarmism - and never mind the facts. The cause-pushing is brazen and disgracefully misleading.
On Lateline last night, for instance, host Emma Alberici made the same false claim repeated this morning by Fran Kelly:
EMMA ALBERICI: Now, the former Rural Fire Service Commissioner Phil Koperberg says the fire in the Blue Mountains isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but it’s certainly the first time bushfires of this magnitude have happened in October. Why has the season started so early this year?
First time? ABC News Watch checks the files of the Sydney Morning Herald for news of earlier October fires around New South Wales. Here are just some examples:


From Sydney Morning Herald 24 October 1951, Page 1 headlines:

FIRES BLAZE IN BIG AREA Buildings Lost On N. Coast Firefighters battled yesterday with more than 100 bushfires near Sydney and in the country. Some fires were still burning fiercely last night.
STATE FORESTS Fires were burning in nine State forests yesterday.
Scores of firemen and civilians fought three bushfires in southern suburbs of Sydney nearly all day yesterday and prevented serious damage to many homes that were menaced. Firemen said last night the fires, fanned by a strong, gusty wind, were the worst since last summer. Some firemen collapsed from the effects of heat and smoke…
From Sydney Morning Herald 25 October 1951, Page 1 headlines:
Bushfires Devastate 64 State Forests
Sixty-four State forests on the North Coast were devastated yesterday by bushfires which firefighters described as ”the worst in history.” Thousands of acres of grassland in the north-east corner of the State was also burned out…
From Sydney Morning Herald 13 October 1948 Page 1
FIGHT FOR HOMES Bushfires At Mt Colah.

Read more at:


Here is another site with records of bushfires as well.
(I think some may have been missed on this site according to the above even but a good reference anyway)



  1. Great post, Beverley. Yes, fires - like floods and droughts - are certainly not new.

    Also well done exposing the shameful GetUp campaign (below). Their hypocrisy make one's blood boil - especially as the real reason for the magnitude of the devastating fires of recent years is the likes of their green/leftist environmental demands resulting in grossly excessive fuel-loading. The former wise practices of judicious clearing and preventive control burns being forbidden in recent times, it's no wonder these fires turn into unstoppable raging infernos.

  2. Interestingly, Joanne Nova today posted an article written by her husband, Dr David Evans, titled: "Fuel Loads Not Climate Change Are Making Bushfires More Severe."

    Well worth a read. David commented, among other things, that "current fuel loads are now typically 30 tonnes".

    Experienced local firies from my area (several with close on 50 years experience fire fighting), estimated there were up to 40 tonnes fuel loading in the Snowy Mountain Region when they went down, some years ago now, with a Queensland team to help fight the fires there.

    From way before Banjo Patterson wrote "The Man from Snowy River" the Snowy Region hill country had been grazed by cattle. Yet thanks to the Greens, previously grazed State Forests, have been locked up, and control burning forbidden, with the disastrous consequences we have been seeing in recent times.

    And now far from admitting their own culpability, these hypocritical opportunists such as GetUp are conveniently - and one might suggest almost jubilantly - blaming Climate Change.

    1. PS: I've just noticed Jo's above-mentioned blog listed in "My Blog List" on the right hand margin.

  3. Some bush fire statistics for the ABC as it is portraying the current fires as the earliest and the worst on record - and all due to Global Warming - not due to lack of controlled fuel reduction green burning.

    North-Western NSW: Bushfires – 01/09/84 deaths – 4

    Western Sydney and Central Coast, NSW: 16/10/91 deaths – 2

    Hunter Valley, NSW: 01/09/96

    Central Coast/Hunter Valley/south coast. 15/08/96

    NW NSW : Bush Fire 30/10/01

    Sydney, NSW: Bushfires 09/10/02

    Northern NSW: Bushfire 27/09/02

    Central Coast, QLD/NSW: Bushfires 27/09/02

    Cessnock, NSW: Bushfire 19/10/02 deaths – 1

    NSW Bushfires 24/09/06

    Bushfires: Sydney and South Coast, NSW 24/09/06

    As bad as this current one is it is not the worst. In fact, ....
    'The ‘Black Thursday’ fires of 6 February 1851 in Victoria, burnt the largest area (approximately 5 million ha) in European-recorded history and killed more than one million sheep and thousands of cattle as well as taking the lives of 12 people

    On ‘Red Tuesday’, 1 February 1898 in Victoria 260,000 ha were burnt, 12 people were killed and 2000 buildings were destroyed

  4. Pondering the debates, misinformation and downright lies about the fires currently burning in NSW and their relation to Climate change as I flew directly from Melbourne to the Coffs Coast yesterday, I mused over the fact that the remote mountain ranges of the Great Divide over which we flew showed few signs of habitation and none of smoke. It seems to me that the fires always start where there is human habitation, other than the occasional lightning strike.
    I recall my father going, as a volunteer, to fight grass fires, bush fires in Central Victoria in the mid 1940's, and doing the same in the Otway Ranges in the late 40's.when they all went out using wet hessian bags to beat out the flames where possible. I also recall the family who survived the horrible Black Saturday fires in Victoria several years ago, being severely fined because they had cleared a wide section of land around their home to protect them from the prospect of devastating fires that subsequently did eventuate. Where is the justification for those fines ? Where is the common sense in the arguments blaming climate change for bush fires ?

    Just my thoughts. Cheers

    1. My recollection of the situation you mention, Jan, where the Victorian family was heavily fined for clearing the unwanted growth around their home, was that theirs was one of the few homes in the area, during those Victorian 'Black Saturday' fires, that survived the holocaust.

      The irony in that situation and the idiocy of the authorities leaves one shaking one's head in disbelief.

  5. Very little common sense, Jan.
    I guess the closer to urban centres the greater chance of an arsonist. The further north you go in Australia the more chance of lightening starting fires. 2012 was a bad year in these parts with dry storm fronts going through with lightening starting fires. A lightening strike started a bad fire this year in a nearby district. In the more remote ranges the locals leave it burn & wait until it comes out before putting it out. It is less dangerous and in the longer term these areas have a lighter fuel load.
    Then you have tree changers coming from urban centres to live in an environment that left to built up a fuel load is volatile. These people have had no previous experience with fire and their first one can be devastating.

  6. David Packham is an expert on Australian Bush Fires. He appeared as an expert before the Royal Commission in to the 2011 Bush Fires. He also addressed the Australian Environment Foundation around three years ago.

    David knows more about bushfires than probably any other Australian.

    On the NCTCS blog I have written of David Expert takes heat off Abbott and back on Greens -

  7. Sound comment in relation to bushfires received the other day from Jennifer Marohasy in one of her "Myth & The Murray" newsletters, titled, "Bushfires & Hot Days":

    Jen ably illustrates that there has been no increase in hot days, warm nights or mild winters recorded at Bathurst, a town in the Murray Darling just west of the Blue Mountains; in other words, no 'clear link' between climate change and bushfires has been revealed there, but she wisely advocates control of fuel loading by prescribed burning.

    A quote from her newsletter:

    "In summary, even using the adjusted and official data for Bathurst . . . temperatures are not exceptionally or unusually hot now. If we consider the longer record and the ‘unadjusted’ data, it was much hotter in the late 1870s and then again in late 1930s than it is now . . . This is consistent with what we know about natural climate cycles [7].

    "It is fashionable to make a link between global warming and the recent bushfires in the Blue Mountains. But such claims of a causal connection are not supported by the available evidence. In particular, if the technical literature specifically claims that the impact of increasing carbon dioxide concentrations will be manifested through an increase in maximum temperatures, but there has been no increase in the maximum temperature, then the theory, in the end, is nothing more than a myth.

    "Public policy is best based on evidence and logic, not popular politics, however emotionally engaging and personally compelling. Indeed, blaming the bushfires on global warming won’t save one home or one watercourse from catastrophe.

    "Bushfires cannot be entirely prevented, but periodic mild, patchy fires alleviate the build-up of heavy fuels, so that when a fire does start it is easier and safer to suppress and does less damage. A regime of prescribed burning also produces a healthier and more vigorous forest and is better for biodiversity".

  8. Amongst the Blog list in the right hand column is Fiona Lake Australian Outback Photos & Writing.
    Fiona has written a very thoughtful post about the ABC, the negative effect a small group from within the ABC are having on regional Australia and the need to weed them out. It's worth a read - Objective journalism and the ABC

    1. A good piece from Fiona but both you and her mention "a small group from within the ABC.."

      I believe it is not a small group but widespread.

      For Instance - the News Department. When the police raided a serving Prime Minister's office, THAT is news, yet as Mike Smith reports the news department replied The ABC was aware that an alleged raid had occurred. However, we were unable to confirm it had happened and therefore, we did not report it.

      Again when Glenn Milne lost his job because of Julia Gillard's abuse of her power, Media Watch dug the stake in.

      When Ralph Blewitt told-all to police in a sworn statement, the ABC's news director told our reader it wasn't news.

      Shows like the Drum are stacked withLefties with maybe a token member from the right.

      Andrew Bolt writes American analyst Edward Snowden stole spying secrets - including our own - which exposed no clear crime or injustice but badly damaged the national security of the US and Australia.

      Snowden has since been given asylum by Russia, yet the ABC routinely describes him flatteringly as "whistleblower Edward Snowden".
      The ABC's chief science presenter, warming alarmist Robyn Williams, said the Climategate leak was actually a "theft" and "political subversion".

      The ABC's bias is showing. If the Climategate whistleblower is a "hacker" then Snowden is a "thief".

      Robyn Williams is another who disregards the ABC's charter to be even handed. So are suburban stations 774 Melbourne and 702 Sydney.

      A lightweight program Annabel Crabbe's Kitchen Cabinet had little digs at the right.

      I could go on and on but, did any-one watch the New Year's Eve broadcast. There were constant anti-Abbott remarks; justification for the ABC's traitorous publishing of the Rudd government's Indonesian bugging, reference to a debunked story issued by thew BoM....etc...etc...

      Definitely not " a small group..."


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