Friday, 13 December 2013

PRA: QLD vegetation management legislation update

Image scanned from 5th December issue of the Queensland Country Life
There are many new self-assessable vegetation management codes under the amended State
Government legislation. DNRM is conducting a series of meetings in various areas to explain the
codes and the operation of Qld Globe.
There are codes for fodder harvesting, thinning, weed management encroachment, property
infrastructure, clearing of high value regrowth, clearing of regrowth watercourse area, clearing to
improve operational efficiency of existing agricultural developments. Some purposes will still require
a permit.
Landowners need to notify DNRM (There is a form to fill in. Can be done online.)
But they have a new philosophy of working co-operatively with landowners to ensure codes are
complied with. DNRM still wants to speak with people who want to carry out developments.

An Approved Area Management Plan is another way to get approval. You still need to notify the

Department before clearing starts.

They still do have compliance officers and satellite monitoring and illegal clearing will be detected
even if it is small areas done over a number of years.
One useful change is that there is no longer a category called high value regrowth on freehold land
only. The category still exists on leasehold land. The maps on Qld Globe should reflect this.

PMAV’s are still relevant. The mapping will only reflect a new PMAV once it has been certified.

Getting clearing permits for the new uses of High Value Agriculture (HVA) and Irrigated High Value
Agriculture (IHVA) will involve a fair amount of research with it being necessary to show with
accountants figures that it is viable and that the soil type and expected rainfall are suitable. In the
case of the IHVA it will be necessary to have a water license and will increase operational efficiency.


Scan of an article in the 5th December issue of the Queensland Country Life
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  1. Here is another guide to the changes to the Qld vegetation management laws by Brisbane law firm, Thynne & Macartney.
    " In an attempt to correct what it called a swing too far towards "extreme green politics", the Queensland Government has made changes to the State's vegetation management laws that commenced on 2 December 2013. The new laws permit clearing in certain circumstances where it was formerly impossible or heavily regulated."

    Read more go to: QLD Government vegetation management laws roll-back


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