Thursday, 9 January 2014

Anthropogenic Global Warming - Would that be "COOLING"??

Here is a rather fitting cartoon by Zanetti to which Elizebeth Flower alerted me.  I have had a week in Brisbane and away from all computers which was just wonderful so putting this on here now.  It was published in our Cairns Post on 6th January, 2014.

Elizebeth mentioned Al's wonderful post which I have yet to read properly and view the wonderful pictures and we thought this would be good to add as well.


  1. Ha Ha and in the middle of a very hot summer. They had better stay away from there when the winter comes. Maybe they are confusing burn with "freeezer burn". The only thing burning for them will not be the weather but their ears burning as the world ridicules them for their stupidity.

  2. Perhaps the characters from the University of NSW should have read Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 118: 5105-5110 in June 2013 before taking off on their Summer Holiday.


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