Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Guess who is still spreading dumbly opinionated rubbish over on JG?

No prizes, but here are a few clues: 

  • He once hid behind the sobriquet of JT.
  • While possessing the most fragile of glass jaws, he prefers the perennial 'tough guy' approach to anyone who has had the temerity to disagree with his boringly Googled 'expertise'. While smarting and crying over any return comment that might be a little 'robust' and at least in the past, not unknown to making oblique references to 'taking action', he happily sets out to abuse and ridicule others who aren't Courtiers to the Great Man. 
  • One of his loudest complaints was to feign outrage over any comment relating to his grammatical problems.

Well, guess what? I  think he is worse!  :-) Today, while stuck in a Tassie resort looking after a grand child who developed severe tonsillitis soon after my wife and I, a daughter plus sick grandchild and a totally livewire younger brother arrived, I made my first 'out of interest' visit to JG for some months. And this is what I quickly came to:

"........ Now about Vivienne. - Vivienne disliked the arguments around the Gladstone/Great Barrier Reef questions promoted by John C Fairfax, John Mikkelsen and occasionally by Alan Mikkelsen.
There was involvement with the Greens angle and associated Great Barrier Reef blog. It did get quite nasty, but I felt that there were other agendas there, with J.M. promoting his journalistic ability to gain access to another newspaper, and too much interest shown by certain Green members, with an election coming up. Why none of them ended up in court for their derogatory comments about the Port Authority, the management of the Port and politicians has me amazed.

Vivienne posted asking me to let it go, and I didn't."

What planet is this opinionated, hypocritical ratbag living on?

It's perhaps not surprising that that particularly inaccurate bit of venom was preceded by a lengthy outlining of his own busy, research - filled and much - to be - applauded recent use of time, together with a 'chuckle, chuckle' (to quote the Great Man again), uppity spelling correction directed at one of his current 'opponents' who is subject to continuing ridicule. You can't guess it? Well it concerns the wrong use of 'your' for 'you're', as the abbreviation for 'you are'. That, along with the use of 'its' as a possessive, whereas it is actually the abbreviation for 'it is', were just two of his own problems! I detected that early in the piece and took great delight in politely pointing it out to him, knowing (with a develish grin) that it would send him right off his hypocritical planet.  :-)

So JT / GH whomever you may be, should anyone who may be a continuing member of JT bring this to your attention, rest assured you brought it entirely on your miserable self, with the grossly inaccurate words which you posted above.

Regards to all


  1. The self opinionated legend in his own mind who is easily and best forgotten? His version of the Gladstone Harbour saga was so wide of the mark and so lacking in knowledge of basic facts and all the recent revelations such as the massively leaking bund reclamation wall coinciding with a major toxic algae bloom,increased heavy metal levels and widespread fish disease across a range of species as well as some humans hospitalised, which is now the subject of yet another Federal inquiry and a new Senate investigation.
    How all this was swept under the carpet will hopefully come out, despite the Google master's limited knowledge of the facts.
    That said, I shall happily forget all about him and the other site referred to above, which I personally never wish to visit.

  2. I don't bother going there for a look and thereby aren't bothered to what may be there.
    Also I have tried to keep to a policy of not commenting on this site about personalities or rants from where we evacuated from.

    I broke that rule once in a measured way when in December after a series of investigative reports in The Australian (hardly a green rag) came out with clear evidence that vindicated what Mikko had been writing about Gladstone harbour all along. See - Gladstone harbour - the truth and the pain to bring it to light

    There will be the results from a full senate investigation available soon.

    So I think we can ignore hollow voices from afar. One thing that I have noticed from being a moderator at a couple of blog sites now is that the statics for those viewing a site drop right off when there is some in fighting going on or regular overtly negative or vindictive posts and comments.

  3. BTW I would be a very good target for spelling/ grammar nazis out there.

  4. Liz Cunningham (independent Member for Gladstone) tabled a 70 page report in State Parliament recently claiming there were "two sets of books" on Gladstone Harbour.
    Will post as a separate discussion later. (Who cooked the books, one may well ask).

  5. Dale and John, as I said it was my first visit for a long time, too. I have much more left to do in life than fret over this rubbish, but I thought some might like to know what was being said about them.
    Whatever, I got it off my chest and I basically share your views. I won't be in the slightest offended if you would prefer to take the post down, Dale.
    Cheers al


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