Friday, 11 April 2014

CYCLONE ITA threatening North Queensland at present.

I thought you may like to see a couple of the links regarding Cyclone Ita which is now Category 5 - worse than Yasi.

However, all locals are prepared and used to these things.  We just hope it passes our way without too much bother.

It is a bit offputting that Atherton is not shown on the map as we are ones in line with Innisfail which usually cops it and we should be prepared as well this time as we will be getting wind before the coast this time as it heads back out south of us.  It is reverse for us in comparison with Larry in 2006.  (Yasi didn't affect Atherton at all except for rain).

There is continuous reporting on it of course and it gets a bit boring so I decided to post something for you all here.

Atherton Live Weather has a page on Facebook which I think some of you may be able to see.

Another interesting group is aus cyclone chasers.  Here is a live audio (I hope it works for you) from them on the road.  Not sure how long it goes for or if continuous now.  They are from Townsville and are obviously up Cooktown way today.  I guess you can come back to here throughout the day or weekend to see what they are up to.

Anyway all quiet here in Atherton at present.  We have had some steady rain this morning but all still at present and nothing much to report.  Just read 15 mls in gauge.  That will be nothing to what we should get from tonight onwards. 

Cheers all.


  1. From Oz Cyclone Chasers page if anyone interesting in the live stream link:

    Oz Cyclone Chasers

    27 mins ·

    Remember guys, Live streaming is occuring! There is currently a band moving over Cooktown and conditions are deteriorating.

    Those wanting to check out the guys streaming jump over to the website or check out



    THIS IS RAW AND UNEDITED, YOU WILL HEAR SWEARING so if that offends you please turn your speakers down.

  2. Thanks Bev for this post. I see that Cooktown copped a bit of damage. Keep us informed how things went up there.

  3. Thinking of you Bev and hoping all is well with you and others in your district.

  4. Hi, All,

    Well what a fizzer that Ita was!!! All the build up and dramatics by some.

    Anyway I guess we should be thankful that no damage was done anywhere south of Hope Vale or that area up there. Poor people at HV had just got their banana plantation going nicely and it seems to be damaged now. However, they will get it going again. That is farming though as you all know. It is a shame for them as I think that would be their first crop. Government subsidised to get it going anyway.

    Anyway not a bit of wind here in Atherton, hardly any wind in Cairns, or Innisfail.

    The only place to cop anything was Cooktown and that area up there and Kuranda for some reason copped a fair bit but not much damage to any buildings. Can't work that out really but it must be in a spot to have attracted it. Mareeba nothing. Of course it is still on its way south and will give people along the coast a lot of rain. I only got what would be normal set season weather - I had 40mls on Friday and 155mls yesterday and that was it.

    So as for the BIGGEST one since forever (!!!) well. That gives us higher BP than anything else - all the build up and one is expecting the worst and waiting with baited breath. Never been so calm as it was Friday night when it was supposed to be coming here and nothing Saturday day time or Sat. night.

    Cooktown has sparse buildings of fair age that would have got damaged I think. We haven't seen all the pictures yet.

    However, all's well that ends well. No problems to any degree. All roads have been closed for either flooding, debris or whatever - but they should all be open again soon.

    Just a pity it did not get over the mountains and out west!!! Damned females. :-)

  5. Certainly is a shame it didn't get inland , as you said Bev. Great to see your enthusiasm hasn't been dampened!!! :-)


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