Tuesday, 13 May 2014

PRA 2014 Conference - Proactive protection of your rights

Property Rights Australia media release:
Proactive protection of your rights – Coal Seam Gas & beef roundtables  

Property Rights Australia is offering those who attend their 11th annual conference a couple of opportunities seldom available on their own let alone packaged in the two day event in
Roma on 12 – 13 June 2014.
Speaking about the conference theme of, proactive protection of your rights PRA chair Joanne Rea said, “a field trip and presentations will give practical insights how you can be pre-emptive in protecting your rights. The main subjects covered at this conference will be the resource sector especially coal seam gas impact on landowners and also the proposed Global roundtable for sustainable beef.”
Day one has a full itinerary of property visits including a full scale developing coal seam gas field; not usually available for the general public. Connecting infrastructure for CSG fields such as high voltage Powerlink transmission lines will also be covered on the field trip. Attendees will be able to view infrastructure and talk directly to the landholders about their experiences.
On day 1 visit to Brett Griffin’s property “Sydeva”, north of Yuelba which has over 100 coal seam gas wells under development

Day two is the full-day conference with expert guest speakers including from leading legal firms. Mrs Rea said that, “PRA has endeavoured to bring together law firms who specialise in representing landholders and have an active hands-on presence in the Surat Basin. This creates the opportunity for attendees to access the combine expertise rarely gathered together at the one venue.”

 Member for Warrego Howard Hobbs will open the conference and Senator Barry O’Sullivan, proposer of the “Square Table” for beef will be the keynote speaker.

There will be one session of three speakers and a question & answer time devoted entirely to the crucial underground water resource. “Even if you are totally unaware of any imminent resource projects there are simple practical measures the landholder can undertake now with property bores that will give some protection to water supply in the future.”, Mrs Rea said, “This conference is planned to cater to provide knowledge from the absolute novice to those experienced in negotiations with resource companies with targeted talks by high calibre speakers.”

The conference is open to all and the cost has been reduced as far as possible so as to be affordable. Considering the access throughout the day to leading law firms the conference offers high value for money.

Please contact Property Rights Australia 07 4921 3430 to book your place.

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  1. This is an outline of the field trip on June 12
    8.00 a.m. Leave Roma Bungil Culture centre
    8.30 am leave Calico cottage rest area, Wallumbilla. Travel to “Sydeva” via Yuleba on the Yuleba- Taroom Road
    (travel past Origin owned “Seven Trees’ development & Reedy Hub turnoff, development visible from road)

    9.45 Arrive Sydeva house for a For Sale Morning Tea available (toilet facilities)
    Tour of Property, short talks by Brett Griffin, Richard Golden & Kerry Ladbrook

    1.00 pm For Sale BBQ Lunch/Cold drinks/Tea & Coffee at the main Sydeva House (toilet facilities)

    2.30-3.00pm Depart “Sydeva”via Cattle Creek Road to Wallumbilla, (toilet facilities/shop available in Wallumbilla)
    Travel back to Roma via the Pickinginnie Road and the Bend Road (to view Santos infrastructure from the road).

    Bring water bottle, hat & comfortable covered shoes.


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