Friday, 20 June 2014

Selective reporting on the Union Royal Commission

Check out this very clever, funny satirical poem that cuts to the AWU slush fund scandal.

Kel richards

Listen to Kel Richard's poem [here] 
Kel Richards has been a broadcaster for a long time and up to when he shifted to commercial radio in August 2010 he had been with ABC for 30 years.
Also this week on ABC TV by chance I watched a show that I rarely view - Media Watch.
First of all The Australian newspaper was lambasted for its article on plain packeting cigarettes increasing tobacco sales. The Australian replied later in the week with the counter accusation that Media Watch used  "selec­tive quoting". See - What Media Watch package didn’t tell us  
Media Watch followed in their program with another story, Union Royal Commission story lacks prominence on ABC TV News where The Australian received some praise and the host station, Aunty no less was chastised.
"The story has allegations of
Political slush funds.
And lying to a Royal Commission

And tangled up in the middle of it is former Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, who in the 1990s was lover and lawyer to this man, Bruce Wilson.
He’s a former boss of the Australian Workers Union in Victoria and a man who could be charged with fraud, according to counsel assisting the royal commission.

On Friday, Wilson’s evidence to the commission was front page news in The Australian and the Telegraph. But it was nowhere to be seen on the cover of these Fairfax papers. And amazingly it was missing entirely from the previous evening’s 7pm bulletins on ABC TV in Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin.

The day before, when evidence was given about wads of cash being handed to Ms Gillard to fund her home renovations ... ABC TV’s 7pm bulletins in three of those capitals also failed to report the news.
While in Sydney it was down the bottom of the bulletin just before the sport.

The Australian’s Hedley Thomas has been leading the charge on this story for a couple of years.
The ABC has done little and has long been accused of refusing to investigate
Up till now, perhaps, one might have given the ABC the benefit of the doubt.

But with sensational evidence being given under oath last week to a Royal Commission there is surely no justification for ignoring it."


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  1. Another case of selective reporting by the ABC but away from the Union Royal Commission.

    Mick Keogh of the Australian Farm Institute expresses frustration that a good news story about the Great Barrier Reef is not reported. See - Opinion: What you will not see reported about the Great Barrier Reef

    “The Australian Government Department of the Environment released a report on 12 June, 2014, on results of the Reef Rescue Program initiated in 2008.
    The report detailed a long list of achievements arising from the program.
    Among the positive outcomes was the fact that actions by farmers have stopped almost 25,000 semi-trailer loads of sediment being washed into the waters of the reef, that the number of farmers involved in the program is nearly doubled the initial target.”

    [Click here] to read the report

    It was only 3 weeks ago that a report from the Australian Institute of Marine Science was widely reported that and along with assumptions that run-off was from farming was the sole cause of damage to the reef. PRA chair, Joanne Rea was interviewed in the Queensland Country Life newspaper about it. See - Farmers scapegoats in reef debate


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