Saturday, 9 August 2014

An original MEMBER of the Green's Party pulling Lee Rhiannon into line

It is time someone took Lee Rhiannon to task whom I consider to be a traitor to Australia.

It was posted on Lee Rhiannon's Facebook page and copied by others who have posted it on Facebook where I received it within a group on Fb.  on Friday 8th August.  I cannot say for sure when she posted the admonishing.

Marit Hegge knows the history of the Greens very well and explains when she last attended a meeting of the Greens.


1 comment:

  1. Well done for posting this comment, Beverley.

    It’s really good to see someone such as this lady, Marit Hegge, who had been so prominent in the Greens Party in the past, exposing the true (red) colours of Lee Rhiannon. The silence from within the Party has otherwise been deafening, as the saying goes. What power does that woman wield, I wonder?


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