Wednesday, 31 December 2014

One lousy sentence

Treasurer Tim Nicholls in Gladstone Harbour
source: Courier Mail

One lousy sentence given grudgingly by the Qld treasurer, Tim Nicholls, gives no justice and portrays no understanding what farming families and other landowner...s have been subjected to in the unleashing of the CSG colossus.

Tim Nicholls is quoted in the Courier Mail article, Liquefied coal seam gas shipment set to leave Gladstone, as saying, “landholders had to be acknowledged for the sacrifice and trouble they had been put to as CSG companies moved onto their land.”

It has been a lot more than just mere trouble, Tim. Try non-disclosure of information; isolate, divide & conquer; lying; pressured negotiation; bullying; ambushing with contrived bluffs; tactics to apply pressure; limited, miserly compensation; landowners time uncompensatedstress; complete disregard & disinterest in how agricultural management systems can work in with a gas field; the co-existence myth; gates open; weeds; loss of underground water; no solution for a mountain of salt brought to the surface; loss of amenity of living; roads destroyed; dust; noise; sense of community lost; liability from contamination; diminution of property value.

The list continues.

The government has failed to govern for all. The Newman LNP government & preceding Bligh Labor government have not allowed the agricultural department to protect even the small percentage of good quality soils; the Department of Environment & Heritage has not been allowed to do its job; there was very limited legal aid made available & that did not continue; landowners suffering impacts ask government for help only to be fobbed off by organisations devised by government, Gasfield Commission & CSG Compliance Unit, with the purpose of to be seen to be doing something and to dampen down the voice of the rural landowner to be heard in the urban communities.

On top of all that with landowners already suffering significant imbalances of power the Newman government systematically made significant legislative changes that removed what few rights landowners had.

What for? This Courier Mail reveals the answer; this first ship alone has loaded $50 million worth of LNG. When the industry gets into full stride in 2017 there will be 360 ships leaving the harbour loaded with LNG every year. The Qld government is expected to rake in $500 million annually. 
LNG tanker, Methane Rita Andrea, docked at QGC LNG plant at Curtis Island
photo sourced Gladstone Observer


  1. Something seems to have gone drastically wrong at the LNG processing plant in Gladstone.
    The tanker, Methane Rita Andrea has now been docked at the LNG loading facility for 9 DAYS, supposedly loading the first load of LNG ever produced from Coal Seam Gas anywhere in the world.
    Media reports stated that the loading of the 140,000 cubic Mtrs of frozen LNG would normally take about 13 hours to load but here we have this massive all stainless steel ship sitting idle while apparent attempts are made to load the gas onto the ship.

    The General Public in Gladstone are getting very worried, and with good cause. All of the hype about the LNG "wonderland" facility has virtually been shut down. The local media will not follow through and try and disclose what has gone wrong and all the time the people are getting more worried about the obvious problems that they are not allowed to be made aware of at the LNG plant.
    2 massive flares spewing fire up to 40 ft high or more and spewing out dirty black smoke have been burning fiercely for over a month now. The permit for the flares states that they can only emit smoke from the flares for 5 minutes in every 2 hours. This has gone on for many weeks now and the Authorities seem not to care (or are they turning a blind eye because they know that there is trouble afoot).
    Private vessels within the harbour are restricted in where they can go now because they could be a source of ignition, but there are TWO dirty big flames up to 40 ft or more high burning fiercely 24 hours a day, BETWEEN THE SHIP BEING LOADED AND THE STORAGE FACILITIES ON THE ISLAND.
    What danger are we in and why won't the LNG corporations and Gladstone Ports Corporation tell the people what is going wrong at that LNG plant.

  2. Should never been started. The dangers outweigh the benefits. What certainly is there in preventing a massive explosion with that much gas in the one space. Has the companies involved been able to obtain marine cargo insurance as well as cover for mariners?


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