Saturday, 24 November 2012

Assembling & Rebuilding

Thank you Geoff for making this web site available for us to remain contact with each other and rebuild on the original ideals on which the Just Grounds site was set up.

This web page is an emergency evacuation point for us to reassemble & to work out what we want to do in the future. I will try not to be too negative in my comments on this new site, I plan to try to leave them behind.


There may not be too much to this site at the moment. It will be a temporary home until a well planned site can be built.
There will be discussions posted in the near future about current events or issues from regional Australia.
At the moment there seems to be difficulty for people to make comment, so please bear with us.

The best way to read any comment & to post a comment is to click on the headline of a discussion on the main page & a new page will come up.



  1. I am still struggling to get my avatar up!

  2. Hi Dale,

    I've just received your E-mail about the "Just Grounds Community" administration and would like to add a little to one of your comments. You said " .. Effective advocacy requires respect & civility within your own ranks .. " but it goes beyond that.

    In my opinion respect has to be earned and in an ideal world effective advocacy ( would require civility, transparency and showing respect for the opinions of others.

    Unfortunately, because we are humans with human failings the ideal is non-existent. The most influential advocates of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change hypothesis are a good example of how advocacy can be effective for a long time without abiding by any of those ideals. But there are examples among those of us who reject CACC, e.g. see

    Best regards, Pete (

    1. Pete, I copy / pasted that URL and opened the site, but found it pretty difficult going, and apparently a few monthes behind the times. Is there a home page, about us, and the other usual trappings? Perhaps I missed something?
      Cheers al

  3. Thanks Pete,
    Of course respect for another's opinion doesn't require us to always to agree but civility demands that when we do disagree we tackle the issue and not the person.
    Transparency is important to maintain the confidence of all within your ranks including the minor players.
    Leadership should not exisit beyond the accepted code of behaviour for the group. Leadership requires that the vision of the group is kept before all the ranks and not to hesitant to take charge if action is needed.


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