Monday, 26 November 2012

Up to our necks in it

Raiding the Mikko files for a reflection on climate alarmism which might be funny if it wasn't true..
 AL GORE told us sea levels could rise seven metres “in the near future”, then an ex-environment minister Peter Garrett gave us the good oil, it could be six metres.

So I suppose we should be grateful more recent reports have pegged the rise at 1.1 metres over the next 90 years.
Great, if one of them is part right, instead of walking the dogs a few hundred metres to the beach, we should be able to dive into the surf off the front deck of our home. But the news is not good if you happen to own one of the million dollar-plus properties just behind the dunes.
According to the images regularly flooding our TV, learning to dog paddle would be a good idea if you can’t already swim. Take this:
“The Federal Government’s new Climate Change Risks to Australia's Coasts (CCRAC) Report says up to 250,000 Australian homes are at risk of inundation by the turn of the century. The findings are based on a sea level rise of up to 1.1 metres by 2100, and more extreme weather events. As a result, more than $60 billion worth of residential property faces flooding. In addition 120 ports, 1,800 bridges, power stations, water treatment plants and airports close to the coastline are also under threat. ..” Did I mention this CCRAC (love that acronym) estimate was more a “guesstimate” worst-case scenario based on computer modeling; obviously not the same as  the play stations Peter Garett and Al Gore  relied on. But it was  used to try to push the “urgent need” to adopt an ETS  in the lead-up to the abortive Copenhagen climate change conference almost three years. Did they really expect us to believe we would either be treading water or fried to a crisp if we at least waited to see what moves were made by the big hitters in the climate debate?
Turned out a frozen fizzer in any case but now history and a hung parliament have given us the carbon tax we were promised we would never have under Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Even the most ardent supporters have to admit  our forced cost of living rises won’t  lower world temperatures in any measurable way.
Far from the “science being settled,”  thousands of prominent international scientists  have signed a petition denying our CO2 emissions are driving climate change. The ranks of “sceptics” are growing as many Australians see it as a scam, including  some  SMS textsters: “Combet thinks Curtis Island is going to be under water soon Hmm… wet LNG… scared of this,” and, “Credible evidence that CO2 causes global warming is like finding WMD’s in Afganistan!”
But heed this warning,  all you damned sceptics: “… As all the ice at the two poles melt, a stupendous volume of water will be released. Fish will swim in Buckingham Palace … the Sahara Desert will be a great inland sea … New York will be marked by taller skyscrapers … the climate will be as when dinosaurs roamed the earth…”
Yeah, right. It’s not from The Day After Tomorrow or another Nobel Prize winning Al Gore science fiction epic.  This alarmist piece published in the respected New York Times is dated - May 15, 1932.
Better book those swimming lessons but keep the toes out of Gladstone Harbour.


  1. Hey I tried to put this under global warming but never mind.

  2. And now of couse, those eminent climate scientists at the World Bank have added their dire predictions to the doomsday book. Well based on recent results their financial crystal ball has been a bit wonky, so why not join a field where the ridiculous inaccuracy of alarmist peer predictions will make them feel pretty much at home?
    Cheers al

  3. Hi Al, hope others work out the posting system too. If they follow the step's on Geoff's invite email it seems to work. Something for a laugh, I tried googling this new site and it came up with both the JG site (RM's post from Dale) and another mention on Climate Deniers Watch or some such, where old ex member J Byatt was posting about JG self destructing smirk smirk.

  4. Hey Bro I see you are copping stick from GH and a few other of The Inheritor's mates who of course have their own versions of the truth which is to be expected. Thanks for the support. Meanwhile I see the walking talking wikipedia has "outed " you but apparently failed to spot a few other JGers on here. Funny that. He is obviously reading so better post some more Gladstone Harbour articles from a true scientist just to keep him happy.
    They will be under the Gladstone Harbour tab at top of the page. To use his favourite kids talk, LOL.

  5. And laughing again (scroll down):
    john byatt says:
    November 25, 2012 at 8:21 pm
    just grounds is tearing itself apart and some members have set up a new blog
watch the loonies at play

    Watching the Deniers says: 
November 25, 2012 at 10:36 pm 
Oh that will be interesting to watch…

  6. On sea levels, Vincent Grey, who runs the six Government monitoring stations in the South pacific, reported no change in sea level in the past ten years. This alone eliminates any credibility the AGW computer modeling possessed.

  7. I posted this a little while ago, 'somewhere else':
    "I totally agree with the thrust of this dicussion. Socialist governments, looking for a new and reliable income (tax) stream, have, IMHO, shamelessly made at least the public sector of the science community (and much of the private sector) beholden to it for grants directly associated with their anthropogenic CO2 - induced climate change golden goose religion.

    Some of the longer term members here might remember the sparring whih used to go on occasionally between me and Laurel (****), reflecting the fact that I am an avowed devotee of business and free trade (yes, I'll admit there are warts) while she was / is an equally devout believer in the evils of same. Well one day, we had a great meeting of minds. In the course of discussing a complaint (same format as RM's) which I had made to the ABC, I disclosed that for more years than I could remember, I had been a huge fan of that Radio National's icon, Robyn Williams (of Occam's Razor fame). Alas no more, he had thrown away his honour to become a blatantly biased denouncer of anyone brave or silly enough to challenge the socialist climate change dogma, industry and tax stream. Laurel seconded that with enthusiasm.

    Maybe Robyn Williams is not playing some role of which the infamous Labor strategist John McTernan would be proud, maybe he is now just like someone else here, just a "stupid old prawn". (Hint: I was called that). But, I personally would not use such puerile language.

    Cheers al

    PS No doubt many of us are watching or listening to Question Time, which is drawing to a close. With an impossibly arrogant, preening PM strutting her stuff. Oh, that something might be about to hppen! al

  8. Hi Al she is to the snorkle in it this morning. Wonder if she will be so smug in Question Time today or just revert to the bad memory defence. The longer it goes the more facts emerge indicating she had a bigger role than so far admitted.

  9. Oops, "up to the snorkle in it" :0)


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