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GetUp gets down and dirty!

Who's a misogynist?
GetUp is a misinformation body which evolved from the US (Partly George Soros Funded) MoveOn.

Although GetUp claims to be an independent grass roots organisation...
GetUp is an independent, grass-roots community advocacy organisation which aims to build a more progressive Australia by giving everyday Australians the opportunity to get involved and hold politicians accountable on important issues.
...everyday Australia's who are not of an extreme left bent cannot express their views.
GetUp does not back any particular party
Is your bulltish meter going wild in the background? Better throw a blanket over it! It will be going beserk and I progress!
GetUp does not accept donations from political parties or the Government. 
However it DOES accept wads of cash from the union movement. Do the union members know what happens to their contributions? (link)
In 2010 it became public that GetUp received more than $1m in donations from six unions in the course of three weeks during that year's federal election campaign, equal to about two thirds of its advertising campaign expenditure and over half of their total donations.
GetUp is run by a small office of staff, interns and volunteers in Sydney. Since July 2012, Sam McLean has acted as GetUp's National Director, replacing previous National Director Simon Sheikh.  
And Simon Sheikh's political affiliations?
Simon Sheikh was appointed national director of GetUp! in September 2008; four years later journalist Troy Bramston revealed that he had been a financial member of the Australian Labor Party for four years at the time of his appointment. He remained a member for another three months before resigning his membership. This was initially refuted by Sheikh but the General Secretary of theALP (NSW Branch), declared that party records show Sheikh was a financial member from 2 April, 2004, until the 26 November, 2008. 
GetUp's latter day National Director Sam McLean has sent out a begging letter wanting me to "chip in again." Sorry, Sam, since I didn't "chip in" last time, your again makes that impossible.

SO what does succor-seeking Sam say?
My family friend Kathy has voted Liberal all her life. Kathy's right. If we don't stand up for our progressive values....
Kathy's right? Progressive values from a fictitious person who has voted "Liberal all her life?"  No Kathy's not right! She's definitely left.

She was talking about Tony Abbott's views on women....
Tony Abbott's views on women? Remember,  former PM Gillard's  "Abbott's a misogynist" tirade was made when defending Peter Slipper and his relating womens' genitalia to mussels. (LINK)
Defending a misogynist by branding another a misogynist? Strange.

Does Abbott dislike women? He likes them, not like the lies spread about him that actually apply to his misogynist opponent. Ask the make-up artists, air crew and others. (link)

Ask all the Labor people who resigned on his return. (link)

Back to Sam's Fictional Friend:
And on refugees.
On Refugees? The coalition had a successful suite of policies that stopped the boats and stopped deaths at sea. Rudd opened the door and, as Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said, put "sugar on the table." This lead to billions extra out of our borrowed dollars budget and tragically led to more than 1,300 deaths at sea. Shame, Rudd, Shame.

If we don't hold Rudd to account for his outlandish inappropriate waste spending it will be our Grandchildren, nay our great Grandchildren, who will be paying off this. What about the $5.4 million in $900 cheques including some that that went offshore this week to backpackers. (link)
In a major dent to Labor's economic credibility, the costly government bungle means taxpayers will fork out more than $5 million in "tax bonus" payments in 2013. 
A News Corp investigation can reveal hordes of backpackers on "working holiday" visas received the one-off cash bonus even though 5 million Australian workers missed out.
What about the lies spread by Rudd?

Abbott's $70 billion black hole? Exposed as a lie by the SMH. (Link)
The claim"The Coalition, to return the federal budget to as a good a position as the government's, at minimum, would have to make $70 billion worth of cuts."  
Politifact rates the statement "false". (Details at

As health minister Tony Abbott "took $1 billion out of hospital funding for the states".

Kevin Rudd on Sunday, August 11, 2013 in the leaders' debate, National Press Club.

How did politfact rate this whopper?
The charge is serious and personal.
We rate it False. (link)
Abbott is a volunteer fire-fighter, a volunteer surf life saver and spends his holidays raising funds by his PolliePedal (link), often for women's causes; previously breast cancer and this year for Manly Women's Shelter (Misogynist?)
Since it began, Pollie Pedal has raised $2.5 million for organisations such as the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health within the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Ronald McDonald House, Youth Insearch, and the Paralympic Games, as well as medical research into childhood leukaemia, diabetes, breast cancer and prostate cancer.
Compare the two and really examine them, not relaying on left leaning media filters (crickey, ABC, SMH)  there is only one decent man and one rat.

Mind you, they are both bowing to the falsified man-made global warming hypothesis. Shame on them both.

In the Senate, why not vote for truth in Science, why not vote against paying billion to prop up the falsified man-made global warming hypothesis......Vote 1 -the NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics.

+  +  +  +  +  +  +  

Sam McLean and GetUp's latest lies:

To: xxxxxx
Subject: Tony wants to speak for us. Here's what he says

Dear X

My family friend Kathy has voted Liberal all her life. This weekend, over Sunday lunch, she asked me "how are we letting him get away with this?" 

She was talking about Tony Abbott's views on women. And on refugees. And on same sex couples, and "on, well, equality and compassion - full stop." 

Kathy's right. If we don't stand up for our progressive values, no one else will. If we don't hold Tony Abbott to account for his views, they'll go unchallenged right through to election day -- when, according to today's polls, he will become our next Prime Minister. Click here to see our latest ad, featuring his views and spoken by GetUp members: 

Every week Tony Abbott makes another comment that reveals very concerning social views. Commentators blow them off as "gaffes", but this isn't about gaffes. It's about values. 

It's about our national character if our Prime Minister labels refugees who seek our help as "illegal", even as they exercise their legal, human right to flee danger. 

It's about the message we send to young gay and lesbian Australians, if our Prime Minister talks about their equality as a "passing fashion," and what that does to their self-esteem. 

It's about our values if a Prime Minister talks to "the housewives of Australia as they're doing their ironing," says his colleagues are "not just a pretty face" and have "sex appeal" and calls on his opponent to "make an honest woman of herself". 

Prime Ministers reflect our national values, and have the power to change them radically. Does what Tony Abbott says matter? Well, in 17 days he wants to be speaking for all of us. Click here to watch the new ad featuring GetUp members: 

Together last election, we raised over $300,000 to put a similar version of this ad on air. It was called "the most effective ad of the election." Let's chip in again, and take this updated ad even further. 

Let's not let Tony Abbott's views on social values, and issues affecting women go unexamined and unchallenged. We've had too many people like Kathy asking "how are we letting him get away with this?" And too many men like me wondering what we can do, because we're fed up with people thinking Tony Abbott speaks for Australian men. Whatever your story, let's make sure he knows that he doesn't speak for us. 

Let's speak up, 

Sam for the GetUp team.


  1. Thanks, Dale. That GetUp mob are still at their dirty tricks.
    They are totally Labor/Green parasites.

    I presume you know that Bill Shorten was one of the inaugural organisers of GetUp? I have been keeping an eye on GetUp for quite a few years and have known that for years. However, here is a link verifying his involvement - plus the UNIONS.
    Here is something you can type in your browser to check this fact out:

    Shorten, a board member of GetUp shields $20m union heist

    1. No Bev, the credit goes to Geoff for this article.

      GetUp colluded with ABC 4Corners & Animals Australia to have a prepared campaign ready to go upon the airing of the first live export story. At that time and no time since that I'm aware of have they expressed any regard to the chaos they caused for the entire north of Australia.


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