Saturday, 10 August 2013


John Passant has a page which appears to be quite interesting - I only discovered it today while searching for items online.

This one about Peter Beattie is relevant now that he has come back into the political spotlight thinking he is going to save Labor from oblivion. 

I hope you may find it interesting.


  1. It is indeed interesting, Bev, as it gives a perspective from the left of politics and highlights the despair some must feel of current Labor political leaders abandonment of core working class ideals.

    For another perspective from ABC radio an interview with Professor Scott Prasser.
    [Click on this link] and on the new web page click on the audio link with the heading - Will Peter Beattie be an asset to the Labor campaign in Queensland and nationally?

    Scott Prasser in this interview says that Beattie will not be as a big an asset for this election campaign as Kevin Rudd would like to believe. Beattie comes with some baggage from his time as the Qld Premier including a sour taste left in people's mouths from the surreptitious manner in which he brought in council amalgamations.
    Being called in to be the party's saviour is a idea that would appeal to Peter Beattie's ego.

  2. Beattie and Krudd are both destroyers. Krudd as the chief adviser to Wayne Goss was involved in closing just about every country railway station, as well as many schools, Police Stations and hospitals amongst other things.
    It was Goss and his chief adviser, Krudd who tried to disband the position of Justices of the Peace because of their link with British Law.

    They failed to completely get rid of the position but managed to take the powers that existing JP's had and reduced them to a position where they could only witness signatures.
    There were supposed to be TAFE courses where existing and future JP's were supposed to do new courses to become a JP.
    Funny thing though for quite a few years they could not find instructors to run the courses in Brisbane.

    After 36 years as a JP, I find out that can no longer call myself a JP and can only call myself a Commissioner of Declarations who's only duty is to witness signatures.
    I was sponsored by the Speaker of the House of Reps and sworn in by a Magistrate and for many years I issued arrest, search warrants and temporary Domestic Violence orders, worked closely with Police plus many other functions.
    This was my first experience with the wrecker, and nothing has changed.

    Beattie amalgamated the Councils, illegally so if they were successful in attaining control again, where would it all stop?

    Beattie disregarded the law when he forcefully amalgamated the Councils because the Local Government Act in effect at the time clearly stated that amalgamation or alteration of Councils could NOT take place without a COMPULSORY REFERENDUM of the people.

    On the Night that he passed his "legislation" he stated that the requirement for a compulsory referendum in relation to amalgamation of Councils, would not apply. There was no change to the Act to allow him to do what he did.

    This is exactly what Krudd is doing right now. He has been travelling around the world signing up to give away billions of dollars to other countries for numerous things and none of them have been before Parliament because Parliament was not sitting.

    Krudd is a "one man band" and now he thinks that he can gain control by joining up with "one man band Beattie".

    They make a good pair and it is hoped that they both go down in a big heap together.


    With Beattie lecturing young people on how well he ran Queensland and teaching them all that he knows, it is not hard to figure out why the good ole USA is going down the gurgler.

    Obviously they do not look too deeply into past performances when they appoint people to the University teaching staff at Universities in America or they would have seen what he did for Queensland where he jumped ship before it could all bite him on the bum and dumped the bucket onto Bligh who finished the job off and all but destroyed the State and in the process dropped the bucket overboard.


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