Sunday, 9 November 2014

Peter Spencer: Farm associations where is your support now?

Farm associations were very supportive of the Peter Spencer case back in 2010 but now at the very crucial time of the final court case starting November 24 2014 any support from these farm organisations is conspicuous by its absence.
Letter to the editor, The Land, Nov 6 2014
Wally Mitchell in his letter mentions the NSW ABC Country Hour interview with Hugh Nivison, Chairman of the Trust administering the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund (AFFF).

Recently in my role as chair of Property Rights Australia I was informed by a member who spoke with the AFFF secretary and that upon inquiring why AFFF was not backing the Peter Spencer case with funding was told that,
"they were prepared to support him but he to date had not accepted their offer”
The response from the Peter Spencer team upon being informed of how AFFF were deflecting any heat from their lack of action was,
"There has been no offer from AFFF to Spencer to resume funding of the case.  Spencer is providing some documents to AFFF relating to the case requested, by them. "
This is worst than just being unhelpful.
NFF president David Crombie.
NFF president in 2010, David Crombie
photo sourced The Land
The 9th August 2010 media release by NFF president David Crombie, Farmers’ property rights under siege . Earlier in March 2010 David Crombie made strong statements in the article, Families and natural justice suffer as property rights usurped.  

“It’s a perfect scam where state and federal governments use their respective powers in concert to effect property takeover but avoid paying ‘just terms’ compensation. Enough is enough."

Peter Spencer needs your support, to learn how you can help please read the following article:



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  2. Rural press journalist, Colin Bettles in an article published Nov 28, Hunger strike hero's day in court, approached AFFF about supporting Peter Spencer's court case. AFFF made statements that were corrected in the article by Ian Hampton.

    "AFFF had made “misleading statements” about the status of their financial backing.

    He said Mr Fraser had provided the requested information to the AFFF and he’d been corresponding with them on an ongoing basis, but no to extend support had been made"


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