Friday, 21 November 2014

The Federal Government can’t take your assets without paying - “bigger than Mabo”

Peter Spencer - who spent 52 days up a tree protesting the usurping of his "kyoto" trees on his own property....The Native Vegetation Acts were brought in by the states to stop farmers clearing native plants — but no compensation was ever paid to farmers.....however......The Commonwealth is not allowed to confiscate assets without due compensation...

Peter Spencer is doing this on behalf of all property owners in Australia and is determined not to give in.

Hat/Tip: Joanne Nova.


  1. Good work Geoff. A great post from you, as always, including Jo Nova's 'magnificent summary'.

  2. Today is a big day. Peter is in the witness box. This is THE day to provide moral support.

    1. Best wishes to Peter. May your past strength help you get through today. Let the good guys win!


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