Monday, 4 February 2013

Hands off our farms!

Peter Manuel from Flag (Food Producers Land Action Group Australia Incorporated) speaks about the  Natural Resources Management Act (NRMA) 2004 and the burdensome regulations together with Red and Green tape that is driving Primary Producers to the wall.

For the 15 minute presentation, go to   Hands off our Farms


  1. Peter Manual has been a guest speaker at the last two PRA conferences. Last year PRA chairman, Joanne Rea, was a guest speaker at the FLAG conference.

    BTW in my recent trip to SA by sheer chance I ran into the current FLAG secretary.

  2. NSW & Qld farmers have in the past been vilified and subjected to vindictive prosecutions under the watch of past governments. As apparent in the youtube linked to above SA farmers are being subjected to this rubbish right now. The other state that is having an open season on farmers is WA.
    From the Farm Weekly, DEC bullseye on farmers

    "THE Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) campaign against WA farmers for alleged illegal land clearing has taken on epic proportions with nearly 500 farmers having come under the DEC's radar at any one time.

    "Legislation that makes normal agriculture practices illegal is bad legislation," Mr peacock said.
    "We believe if land has been used for agriculture it should be able to be used again."

  3. The DEC in WA have been out of control for many years now but what is particularly disappointing is that even a change of government has not stopped the harassment.
    People have lost businesses as a resultof DEC actions.

    A spokesman for a Property Rights Group says.

    "If you have a wetland on your property the DEC is interpreting that as meaning you can't graze on it," he said.

    "Everybody knows you have to be careful before you clear with a bulldozer but farmers expect to be able to continue grazing land they have grazed in the past."

    Farmers are being told to destock wetlands and water catchments. Its just too bad about having to make a living or repay a bank loan.
    Departmental environmentalists asked about food security invariably say they will import food.
    From where I ask?


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