Monday, 25 February 2013

We are sorry the Gillard Government is using our (borrowed) money on Electioneering.

Lasith Malinga
The Gillard Government has launched the "Don't be Sorry" campaign. SRI Lankan cricketers Lasith Malinga and Muttiah Muralitharan will front an Australian Government campaign to discourage asylum seekers from taking boat journeys to Australia. (LINK)

Seems good so far. But wait, (as they say), there's more!

So are they going to broadcast it in Sri Lanka where it will directly reach potential illegal immigrants?


The campaign will air on radio, TV, and online and and ethnic community newspapers in six languages, Immigration and Citizenship Minister Brendan O’Connor told Meet the Press
Mr O'Connor said the government wanted people to tell their friends and family about the risks involved in trying to reach Australia by boat.
It's more likely that it is supple election advertising to try to show voters that they Gillard Government is doing (NOT) something about the boat people problem. However the money won't come out of Labor Party election funds but out of even more borrowing on behalf of the Australian people.


  1. Agreed, Geoff. Just as we've been nothing but sincerely SORRY even since the Gillard Government was elected!

  2. PS: Oops! I should have said, even since Julia Gillard gained power, remembering her government wasn't elected in it's own right.


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