Monday, 25 February 2013

Our History in Two Minutes

From the creation of the planet to the space age - our history in two minutes.


  1. geoff, that's incredible. No doubt about the Froggies. (Sometimes ;-)
    Cheers al

    1. I think they missed their Pacific atomic tests, oui?

  2. To my friends here who might wonder where I've gone, well I have metaphorically shot myself in the foot, that's what! :-)

    Late last night, I gave my laptop a BIG cup of tea, and it was (and still is) VERY unhappy! For now, dead as a doornail and I am only hoping that all the data (about 200gigs worth0 carefully indexed on the hard disk can be recovered by someone cleverer (or more nerdy) than me. But for now we are close to leaving for a little NZ adventure, so don't expect much from me for a while. Trying to respond to volumes of email via clunky webmail is well, a drag! :-(
    Cheers to all, and don't emulate me


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