Monday, 13 May 2013


The slippery downward political slide of Peter Slipper through the eyes of the Editorial Cartoonist

The political journey of Peter Slipper certainly has had its moments and the latest was the momentary time that Peter Slipper was a member of Clive Palmers recently resurrected United Australia party.

Cartoonist Warren Brown

Over on his web site Jim Fryar has written about this latest farcical episode in the Slipper saga in his post, Slipper’s on again off again UAP membership. I would encourage you to go over their to read about it. I'm not going to say much more, just tell the story through the talents of editorial cartoonist.

If memory serves me correctly Peter Slipper started off as a National, defected to the Liberal party until he became to big of an embarrassment. Then was picked up by the current PM Julia Gillard as an independent speaker of the house until his indiscretions caused a retreat to the cross benches.

Image sourced from the Courier Mail                                                  Cartoonist Nicholson 

 Cartoonists David Rowe & on right Bill Leak                           

Cartoonist Mark Knight

Cartoonist Bill Leak using an old movie poster style

Cartoonist Roy 

 Photo images sourced ABC                                                        Cartoonist Ian Pickering

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  1. Well there is one thing one can say for him, He is an excellent subject for the cartoonists .


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