Friday, 28 June 2013

I'm back - the bad movie sequel

 Remember the fanfare of the premier of Kevin 07 that had a tragic ending at the hands of Julia Gillard who in turn went on with her own movie 'Moving forward' which had a plot that moved in aimless circles and went nowhere at the box office.

Cartoons by Roy and Jon Kudelka

 Anthony Ackroyd  foretold of the coming sequel when he made this youtube back in August 2010

Tony Abbott as opposition leader may well have felt redundant with the continual self destruction within the Gillard Labor government  and Kevin Rudd always on the wings awaiting to take over as the lead act.

Both cartoons by Nicholson.

 Cartoon by Bill Moir

Both cartoons by Warren Brown

Paul Zanetti (above) and Warren Brown (below) came up with simular views about the same old rubbish no matter who was Prime Minister


And finally the last word goes to Zeg 


  1. The rise of Rudd has been an inspiration, - to cartoonists.

  2. Ah! it all brings back memories of Krudd attacking the Chinese but now he wants to be lovey, lovey, kissy , kissy with them.

    A far cry from when the potty mouthed Krudd was accusing the Chinese (and others at the time) of Rat

    Anyway here is the link to an article that reported it at the time.

  3. It must be with astonishment how the rest of the world views Australian politics over the last four years.
    Gareth Evans, long retired from being Australia’s foreign minister for eight years under a Labor government wrote just before the latest leadership spill:

    "Australian politics should, on the face of it, hold as much interest for the rest of the world as Tuvan throat singing or Bantu funerary rites. But I have found otherwise in my recent travels in North America, Europe, and Asia. Much more than one might expect, there is an eerie fascination in political and media circles with the death throes of the current Australian Labor Party (ALP) government."

  4. Gareth Evans' article is certainly worth a read, Dale - and it's quite prophetic:

    For example, he wrote: Even if Gillard is dropped by her panicking colleagues – and that could happen at any time in the Grand Guignol theater that Australian politics has become – the situation for the world’s oldest labor party is dire indeed.

    His reference to the 'dysfunctional mess that Rudd's government had become before his dumping, was interesting too.

  5. Written for an UK audience is this explanation about political current affairs by Brendan O'Neill published online at Spiked and in the print media in the The Telegraph.
    The Rudd/Gillard back-stabbing bonanza reveals how petty and bitchy Labour parties have become

    "Now Rudd is back, turning the knife that Gillard used against him back on her. What this antipodean debacle really points to is the utter hollowing out of Labourism. It's another howl of agony in the long, drawn-out, Ballardian demise of that 20th century project of social democracy. Serious Labourism politics is being replacement by Caesar-lite back-stabbing and personality clashes within those parties that were once devoted to the working man and his concerns. It's not just an Oz problem. In Britain, too, and across Europe, Labourist and social-democratic parties have long ceased to be engines of progress or purveyors of serious political alternatives and instead have become oligarchical outfits in which one gang of personality cultists wages war on another in the battle for narrow party supremacy. The more these parties have become estranged from their old lifeblood and raison d'être – that is, the working classes – the more they have been taken over by cliques of middle-class, self-interested activists battling over the corpse of the social-democratic outlook"


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