Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Locking out fishing industry

This is occurring today 4th June, 2013. 
Minister Tony Burke,   Minister for the Environment in the worst Federal Government we have ever known, is trying to push through the locking up more of  the waters around Australia to the fishing industry in parliament today. 

This is to please the green lobbyists all around the world.  I heard on radio that there were so many thousands of people who took part in the consultation process.  Most of those names when I saw them months ago were from people on the other side of the world who obviously only have their green ideologies uppermost in their minds and do not care what they do to people who are actually living in the areas around our coastline.  Most of them probably do not even know where Australia is.

The current group of Ministers of this Labor minority government (supported by the Independents) is trying to do as much damage to Australia before they get kicked out as they can. 

This will be another nail in Australia's coffin if someone cannot stop the rot.

Please listen to this video.


Warning video does contain some political campaign footage

Bev Prescott

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  1. The idiocy of this government is unbelievable. As if the local fishing industry would over fish any of their fishing grounds, the constant supply of fish is their livelihood. They know better which is more than Mr Burks and the Green lobby do.


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