Saturday, 29 June 2013


Please read these pages. Remember this is the same Kevin Rudd who has taken second prize to become the most recently unelected (by the people) Prime Minister. These pages are still relevant today as they were before the 2007 election. Same Man, same Party, same, same. Don't be fooled!!!!!


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  2. Mmmmmmm - sorry those pages may be a bit small to read. However, when you click on them, they come a little clearer. They could have been written this week - however, from 2007 before that election.
    I don't think the leopard could have changed his spots too much. Anyway, it is the same Labor party only with about eight less Ministers who have decided to get out before they are kicked out!!!

  3. Very insightful article indeed! Clearly shows Rudd's true colours. And obviously, as Beverley suggests, the 'leopard' hasn't changed his spots!

    I've received two soliciting emails from Kevin. (Because I’ve sent emails in the past to Labor politicians, they must assume I am a supporter.) He writes: ‘Together, we can win and defend all that Labor has achieved in the past six years.’

    CANdo is also sounding a warning: ‘Don’t let Kevin fool the people’, along with a very neat summary of Kevin’s ‘achievements’, as follows:

    “Who decided to abandon control of the borders? Who outsource (sic) our immigration policy to the criminal people smugglers? Who spent our surplus and then borrowed billions? Who wasted billions on the BER? Whose pink batts policy was a disaster, leading to the death of a number of young Australians? Whose grocery watch, fuel watch, computers in schools, etc. were complete failures?”

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  5. If you Google Ruddonomics, you will find a link to the actual story that you may be able to read easier.

  6. I just think of people like my late father who were Labor people through and through, when it really was a force to assist the working people in achieving "a fair day's work for a fair day's pay" after the depression and WWII. They would be turning in their graves to see what was once a great political institution become a vehicle for the self gratification of its leaders. The awful part is that people will fall for the smarmy campaigning by this nasty man who, as one of his own said on TV this very morning, " He is a great campaigner, he loves the limelight and adulation, he doesn't care about policies".


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