Saturday, 27 July 2013


There has been a lot of discussion about asylum seekers in recent times, if not for many years actually.

I looked to see if I could find the actual figures recorded anywhere and here is a link that does have the list up to - well I am not sure - but there is a statement at the bottom of the page of figures stating that they were given to the ABC by the Parliamentary Library on 7th January 2013. 

Obviously there have been a lot more arrivals this year, 2013.

The link to the figures:

Here is a chart also that I found although only up to 2010.  It gives a very clear picture of how the Howard government had almost stopped the boats.  It reveals clearly how the numbers skyrocketed after Kevin Rudd became Prime Minister in 2008. 


  1. Very significant, Beverley. A pity the chart ends at 2010 seeing the figures shown for 2012 are close on three times as high as for 2010 - the column would be way off the page!

    What a pity the mainstream media doesn't publicise this. It should really drive the reality home to the public.

  2. Back in the '70's it would have been the boat people coming from Vietnam. I see the peak was in 1977 at 868 people going by the ABC link in the post above. This list starts in 1976; when was the greatest influx from Vietnam? 868 is minor compared to the boats arriving since 2009.

    Was 1977 the peak of the arrivals from Vietnam or did a lot more come before the list starting in 1976?


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