Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Peter Spencer Update December 2012

Ian Hampton has provided the following media release


Peter Spencer will be back in the Federal Court, Queens Square, Sydney at 10 AM this coming Friday for a directions hearing of Spencer v. Commonwealth of Australia. 

Spencer’s case will not be assisted by the decision on 26 November by the Federal Court of Appeal upholding parliamentary privilege over four categories of Cabinet documents sought by Spencer, claiming that the subject of the documents is current and contentious.  This decision flies in the face of the unanimous decision of the Full Bench of the High Court in September 2010 that Spencer should have access to the documents he needs to present his case.


Last week in Doha, Australia signed up to the continuation of the Kyoto Protocol agreement.  It is ironic that Australia’s ability to continue meeting its Kyoto commitment target has been solely on the back of the enforced (and unpaid for) storage of carbon in native vegetation on private farms that is at the core of Spencer’s case.
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  1. QUICK UPDATE POST - Peter's Spencer, King and McKell tactically won the day yesterday. The main outcome is that Spencer, the Commonwealth and NSW will be going to mediation to determine the matter of documents that Spencer has been seeking discovery of, and which the Commonwealth solicitors have been stonewalling providing for months-years....

    I will provide more detail later....

  2. Some good news after a few backward steps in recent times.
    Ian has provided more detail and has asked me to publish it as a new article; to read pleas follw this link - http://evacuationgrounds.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/spencer-gains-ground-in-federal-court.html


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