Monday, 10 December 2012

Unpopular Causes

A very well written article was brought to my attention today from a very surprising source. It appears that both sex workers and farmers are unpopular causes.

In her blog in the article, The sex work activist at thelive export rally: an explanation, “delectable_detriment”” relates her experience of attending a rally in support of farmers, specifically farmers dependent upon live exports and the reaction from those d_d usually associates with whom she refers as 'bleeding heart lefties'.   

 Upset, and to be honest, stunned. You see, the majority of people I have relationships with on Twitter are 'bleeding heart lefties', drawn together by our shared passion for social justice. Not all of them vote 'left', mind you. Many of them are conservative voters. But they mostly subscribe to small-L liberal social values, including compassion and understanding for marginalised communities like refugees, sex workers, Indigenous peoples, the queer community, people living with HIV, etc. They fight for the rights of these various groups to be heard, especially in the political arena, on the basis that EVERYONE deserves to be involved in policy that will ultimately affect their lives and/or livelihoods, no matter how 'unpopular' that group is with voters.

Everyone, it seems, except farmers.

I found d_d’s article to very insightful. The parallels may not at first be apparent but she highlights a few including Four Corners expose of the two industries.

It followed exactly the same formula - avoid facts and stakeholders, show emotive imagery of worst case scenario - and had exactly the same results. Moral outrage ensued. The public peeked into a world they have NO understanding of, found it distasteful and screamed BAN IT.

On both issues, the voices of primary stakeholders are being actively silenced. On both issues, people with precisely ZERO knowledge of the respective industries are driving policy changes and 'moral outrage' is driving community support. And on both issues, people whose personal belief systems are offended by the subject matter are flatly refusing to even ACKNOWLEDGE the other side of the story, let alone listen to it.

Go follow the link, I hope you are pleasantly surprised.

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  1. A "headland" blog... well written, and she really has encapsulated what this all about


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