Friday, 13 September 2013

Arctic Ice Confounds Costly Computers

by Viv Forbes
Six years ago, the British BBC reported dolefully that climate models predicted the disappearance of Arctic Sea ice by 2013. This was supported by Al Gore, Australia’s ABC and all the usual alarmists.

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Unfortunately for them, Arctic ice now stretches in a continuous sheet from Canada to Russia and twenty yachts that planned to publicise this year’s ice-free Arctic are now stuck in the ice.
Arctic ice comes and goes, continually confounding costly computer models.
Gillard’s carbon tax, Rudd’s emissions trading scheme, Abbott’s direct climate action and the Greens’ energy targets will have no effect on it.
Image source from [here]
For those who would like to read more: 
The original BBC scare-mongering:
And the Northern Hemisphere snow cover. No alarming losses here:
Jennifer Marohasy also has a post about the artic sea ice area
Perhaps it isn't the area but the thickness. From Bishop Hill
If you really want a lot of reading Anthony Watts keeps a detail record complete with data and all those graphs that everyone seems to like.
Sea Ice Page 

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  1. In his post above Viv writes: "twenty yachts that planned to publicise this year’s ice-free Arctic are now stuck in the ice."
    Here is more information in this blog article, Gullible Green sailors trapped in the Arctic

    "The naïve advice of ardent activists can kill. Last spring, Paul Beckwith of Sierra Club Canada predicted that the Arctic seas would be ice-free ice this summer. (So did Britain’s BBC network.) This exciting adventure opportunity attracted a variety of yachts, sailboats, rowboats, and kayaks owners to try sailing the fabled Northwest Passage

    As a former sailboat owner I can understand their excitement, but my heart aches for the agonies they now face. The Arctic sea ice suddenly expanded 60% this fall, after the coldest summer in the modern Alaska temperature record. The passage is now impassable. More than a dozen of the boats are trapped, apparently even including a group of tiny American jet-ski “personal watercraft” that were attempting to cross from the east coast of Russia to the North Atlantic. Arctic observers are now warning that even Canadian icebreakers might not be able to rescue them."


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