Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Political climate change

by Viv Forbes
Cartoonist Mark Knights
Climate Alarmists Rebuffed in Australian Election.
There was good news and bad news in the election. 
The good news was that the Labor/Green/Independent coalition that had led Australia into the unwinnable war on carbon was decisively rejected. The Labor vote fell to its lowest level for a century, the Green vote fell 3% and the independents who helped create and support this destructive green coalition are no longer in Parliament.
The other feature of this campaign was the high public interest in the election and the big dissatisfaction with all major parties. Lots of small single-issue parties were formed and contested the election. Most of these small parties were also opposed to the carbon tax.
And a few of them were smart enough to maintain strict discipline among themselves on how preference votes were directed, ensuring that some of them were elected to the Senate. 
There was one bad note in the election. Two prominent new small parties, the Palmer United Party (PUP) and the Katter Australia Party (KAP) foolishly directed significant preferences to the ALP and/or Greens ahead of the Liberal/Nationals. This was done partly out of spite, but mainly in a big gamble that did not always pay off.
Bob Katter’s largely conservative supporters reacted badly to him “assisting the enemy” and his primary vote fell dramatically. His hold on his own electorate has become marginal. Clive Palmer’s pact with the Greens got less publicity before the election and he did surprisingly well all over Australia. He probably got one Senator elected because of his shady deal with the green devils, but then in another state a Green Senator will probably be elected on Palmer preferences. So we may be stuck for six years with at least one Green senator who should not have been elected. 
Another feature of the election was the minimal support for the anti-coal-seam-gas party.
Now we need to make sure the new government dismantles the whole climate industry
How to Untangle the Climate Bureaucracy: Last In, First Out 
Abolishing the Climate Commission is a good start. However there are still seven climate agencies and 33 climate schemes in seven different departments yet to be rooted out. 
What is the best way to unwind this huge un-necessary bureaucratic empire?  
Use the old union maxim – last in, first out. Whatever parliament created in one silly summer afternoon can be unmade just as quickly. 
Don’t merge, don’t reorganise, don’t rebrand – ABOLISH. 
And do it quickly before more damage is done to our economy, our energy supplies and our environment. 
And don’t worry about the climate. It will go on doing what it has always done - it will change
Abolish the Unreliable Energy Targets 
Killing the carbon tax is not enough to restore sanity to Australia’s energy policies - the Renewable Energy Targets must also be abolished. 
No matter what laws are passed in Parliament, wind/solar power can never supply reliable economical grid power - their fundamental flaws are too numerous. 
Their low energy density means that large areas of land must be blighted to collect a significant quantity of power. 
Moreover, their intermittent supply pattern means that they cannot maintain a predictable electricity supply. 
And even if some magic cheap storage system is invented, the expensive wind/solar generating facilities will remain under-utilised for more than 60% of the time, and up to 30% of any energy stored will be lost in transfers.
Finally, without storage, green power needs full backup from reliable generation plants (which must also operate intermittently). 
Germany is proving that an advanced society cannot survive on wind/solar energy, even with support from French nuclear power, Swedish hydro-power, Russian gas and Polish coal. 
For too long, green dreamers have forced their daft ideas on Australia’s power supply network. We need to employ real power engineers and grown-up energy technology.   
The Renewable Energy Targets should be renamed “Unreliable Energy Targets” and abolished immediately. 


  1. "Dr" Suzuki was on Q&A this week blowing off about how desperate the "Climate Change" is getting and how much trouble we are going to be in if we do not do as he suggests to rectify the "problem"
    He did however state a number of times that he is NOT A CLIMATE SCIENTIST but is a "Climate Activist"

    He attacks the very qualified scientists and climate experts who dare to disagree with his opinion and claims that his opinion alone is the right one.

    If he has no qualifications in climate science and is simply an activist as he states, then he should go back to Canada where he came from and he should take the other non-scientist, Flannery with him.

    Why is it that most of the people driving the Climate Change/Global Warming train are NOT scientists but activists the same as Suzuki is.
    Suzuki stated that he is an avowed atheist but his mannerisms and rhetoric make him look like a high powered evangelist of atheism preaching his sermons of dread and doom.
    The only difference is that the evangelist preaches hell and brimfire and non belief in his beliefs, as the end of the world if we do not repent.
    Suzuki preaches just as passionately that the end of the world will occur if we do not repent and accept his "climate Activist" sermons. Suzuki is exactly the same as the evangelists that preach what he does not believe in, but just as the evangelists expect us to believe their sermons and rantings and accept them, so does Suzuki expect us to accept his sermons and rantings without question.

  2. Geoff's mate Bill Koutalianos in his first question to Suzuki on Q&A did mention the religion type aspects of AGW non-prophets of doom.
    Bill's questions and a youtube of Q&A is available at the Watts Up With That blog site. - Climate campaigner David Suzuki doesn’t know what the climate temperature data sets are

    1. Courtesy of Simon Turnhill, you can see Suzuki admit his ignorance of the temperature data sets here -


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