Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Pauline Hanson talks of water and Agenda 21

Pauline Hanson and Peter Manuel from FLAG Australia (Incorporated) discuss Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Bureaucracy that is affecting the food bowl of Australia and in particular South Australia under the NRMA Act 2004.

Peter, on the Food Producers Landowners Action Group (FLAG) site writes:
What an absolute privilege to be on stage with Pauline and hear her speak from the heart about Agenda 21 and the privatisation of our water and the restrictions that are being forced upon us farmers by the environmental movement which make it so difficult to supply this great country with a clean healthy food product.

Pauline came to South Australia after a phone call I made to her a few weeks ago in regards to Natural Resource Management issues that control the way we run our freehold land and the uphill battle we have to grow food.  Pauline did not hesitate and took time out from her very busy campaigning schedule to come and speak and answer any questions thrown at her.

In the short time I had with Pauline it was very obvious that most that has been written about her over the years in regards to being a conspiracy theorist and racist is absolute rubbish.  She is far from a racist, highly intelligent and what you see is what you get.  She certainly wouldn’t do any dirty deals behind closed doors if she was fortunate enough to be elected into Parliament.


  1. I believe we shouldn't underestimate Pauline. My impression is that she received the highest primary vote but lost out to Green preferences (or some such) last election.

  2. A few elections back when Pauline Hanson was running she advocated an alternative to the 10% GST. It was a system that is in use in some overseas countries.
    Her proposal was to abolish all existing taxes and introduce a flat rate VAT of 2% on every transaction no, matter what.
    One of Australia's leading economists looked at this and declared that the country would go broke if they did this, but he ran the figures through the Computers anyway just to prove how ridiculous the proposal was. He was on TV a couple of days before the election and stated that he was so shocked at the result that he re-ran the whole thing again thinking that he had made a mistake.

    The result was that with a 2% VAT on every transaction would give the Govt more money than they ever dreamed possible, because imposing the VAT on EVERY single transaction at every level nobody could escape it. The main thing was that even the rich and overseas companies could not get the money out of the country without paying the VAT. It would be the big companies and overseas companies that would end up paying the bulk of the income, not the little man.
    The big advantage would be that nobody would ever have to lodge an income tax return because they would have paid the VAT when they received their wages. If this was introduced the taxation Dept would be virtually defunct and Govts would not be able to screw us harder when they overspent, which they usually do.

    1. Peter.. You are right re the Transaction Tax... it is a sure fired way of ensuring that everybody contributes to the revenue, with the big over-seas players who move dollars off-shore caught in the net as well, instead of avoiding any contribution to the country's economy. The idea was floated initially in the 1998 state elections by a minor group called the Australian Reform Party... regrettably they got no-where as the red-headed steam roller overtook the State election that year . The concept was , of course, poo-pooed by the major players, as indeed is the idea Citizens Initiated Referenda. After all we wouldn't want anything approaching democracy and accountability, would we ?

  3. Wayne Goose was on TV this morning singing his self praises and claiming that the Economy that Abbott has inherited is in great shape because of the management under his guidance as Treasurer.

    He claims that Australia weathered the GFC because of how well they managed the economy.
    What he refuses to admit is that when the GFC hit, all of those countries that got into trouble that he is comparing Australia to were already broke, whereas here there was a huge surplus left by the Howard Government.

    He is still claiming that he saved the jobs of hundreds of thousands of workers but even when the GFC hit, it did not have much effect on the Australian job market because we were not in debt to start with as were the European countries, so there was no real reason to panic and "create" hundreds of thousands of jobs as they claim that they did with the money in the piggy bank.
    They could have carefully carried on and sensibly held unemployment at it's then current level and even if it was a little above normal it would not have used up all of our surplus savings and they wouldn't have had to run us into the massive debt that we now have.

    The election campaign the most vicious and vindictive that I have ever seen.
    Krudd and Labor played the extreme attack game almost solely on Abbott where Abbott criticised and attacked the shonky policies and actions of the Party and the Krudd/Gillard Govt, which is what Krudd should have done instead of ultra personal attack.

    Anybody strong enough to withstand the vicious personal sh..t tactics and attacks piled on him by Labor and not lose it is certainly strong enough to lead the Country to a brighter future.

    Hopefully now we can get on with sorting the country out but depending how the Senate pans out we may still be in trouble because Labor and the Greens hate being on the other side so much, now that they are looking like trying to block everything in the Senate that the new Government passes.
    It will be a case of a new Govt with an absolute majority and right to govern but will still be hamstrung by the cretins who lost the last election, but did dirty deals to attain what they did not rightly deserve by underhand means and in the process virtually stuffed everything for the past 3 years.

    Shorten is likely to take the leadership now and he will keep Mummy In Law, the Governor General well versed on what they are going to try and achieve and we will no doubt see the GG turning a blind eye to some more dirty tricks.

  4. Hi Peter, totally agree about Swan and the economy but sections of the media also like to perpetuate that myth of how Labor did such a great job to keep us out of recession.The only lesson they seem to have learned from the election backlash is it doesn't pay to have so much backstabbing and in-fighting - they think that is the only reason they lost, which is BS. I think a lot of people would not have voted for them if they had stayed with Krudd in 2010, or with Gillard in 2013. I know I wouldn't.
    Meanwhile fingers crossed for Michelle Landry in Capricornia where she has a slender lead for the LNP in the traditional Labor seat. I accompanied her on a trip to the House of Reps in Canberra a couple of years ago when she was on Ken O'Dowd' staff (LNP Member for Flynn) and I was doing some casual media work for Ken. She was dead-set keen on winning Capricornia even back then.


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