Friday, 6 September 2013


This ad went into the Northern Miner today.

Bob Katter has not served his electorate or farmers well. 

The Katter party has preferenced Labor ahead of others on the Senate paper. 

Why he is denying this is amazing!!!

He admits that he is Pro-Union and that they have donated six figure amounts to his campaign (reported in the media months ago).

Katter Australia Party has also preferenced Labor in MARGINAL seats of Griffith (Rudd), and Forde (Beattie)  as well as  another five of six definitely and we do not know how many others.  HIs choice will only help Labor.

This has lost him to many. 

This ad was produced by some farmers and is really written from the heart.


  1. With vote counting closed last night in the seat of Kennedy with 72% of the votes counted, KAP has 30% of the vote and LNP 41%.
    Noeline Ikin 26 911 votes
    Bob Katter 19 488
    ALP 10 685
    PUP 5 090
    Greens 2 069

    The call made by the TV experts is that Katter will retain the seat after preferences.

  2. He's had a bicg kick up the backside but not big enough apparently (more's the pity).


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