Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Insight into the Real Bob Katter

The front page of the Eacham Times today had the full page covering the Kennedy Electorate LNP Candidate, Noeline Ikin. 

The reporter met up with the LNP candidate at the Ravenshoe Butchery.

The top article that I have posted here relays the words of the Ravenshoe Butchers wife.

The comments by Mrs Jensen is indicative of a lot of once upon a time supporters of Bob Katter (and a growing list of non-supporters over the years).  The whole page was a bit big to copy and paste.

The other letters just about say it all.



  1. Good work sharing these letters, Bev.

    But what an incredible disappointment Bob Katter has been. Noeline Ikin on the other hand sounds like just the person to bring some progress to the north at last.

  2. Lifting the lid on Kennedy, an article in today's QCL that views Bob Katter in his own backyard in a critical light.

    "Mr Daniels was scathing of the news of the preference exchange between the two parties in the key marginal rural seats of Flynn, Dawson, Capricornia and Herbert. “Any man who preferences Labor has got to have a screw loose. It’s crazy that he’s even done it for one electorate.

    “They’ve crippled the beef industry. I’d like to know what

    good they’ve done for the last five years for the country.”

  3. I don't know how anybody could vote for him anyway regardless of the Labor preference deals. He's a nutter and he shows it whenever he opens his mouth.


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